24 Hour Emergency Service:

Our Technicians are on call 24 hours a day, our vans are stocked with parts and equipment to handle your emergency needs quickly and efficiently.

Annual Tune Ups:

It is recommended that an annual tune is done every year on your heating equipment. The reason for this is that 1/8″ of soot is equal to 1″ of fiberglass insulation; so your oil burner has to work harder to produce the heat needed and the efficiency of the system drops so you burn more oil. Keeping the unit clean and tuned up will keep the efficiency high and your oil usage to a minimum.

Service Contract:

The Service Contract helps to reduce service bills by making sure you heating system is working at it’s peak efficiency and peace of mind knowing we are available at all times. Our plan includes an annual tune-up, 24 hours emergency service, and many of the common parts on all systems ( for a list of parts please contact us). For eligibility for a service contract, you need to be on automatic delivery for your oil and an inspection of your heating system to make sure there is no out of date equipment. This is another way that Lipton Energy provides comfort to you and your family.

Help I Have No Heat!

Following these steps can help save you from a service call if you find you have no heat:

  1. Is your thermostat turned up?
  2. Is your emergency switch on?
  3. Check your oil tank – do you have oil?
  4. Is the burner control off on reset? If so, only press it once.

If the burner turns on and then goes off within 2 minutes, then call us for service. Do Not Press the Reset Button Again!

Our toll free 24 hour telephone number is 877-443-9191