Heating & Air Conditioning


Energy prices are on the rise!

We know our customers are requiring energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems. If you have a system that is over 20 years old, it is time to replace it. The technology used in today’s oil heating equipment and air conditioning systems help to reduce your energy costs by using motors that use less electricity, nozzles are smaller, and the equipment is better insulated to lower stand-by losses. Controls and thermostats help to lower fuel costs up to 30% or more.

At Lipton Energy, we measure the existing heating system’s radiators, or baseboard, and the whole house to conduct an energy heat-load/heat-gain to make sure the heating or cooling equipment is the right size. This makes sure you use just the right amount of fuel and electricity to make your home comfortable. All this attention to detail helps you lower your energy costs!


New Construction, Additions, Remodels, or Replacement.

If you are replacing your current heating system, need a new zone added, or are building a new home, we can design the system and provide a professional proposal for you. Our sales team dedicates themselves to providing a heating or air conditioning system that is energy efficient and keeps you comfortable.

Our service department is ready to install energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems in your home or small business.

We have a full line of up to date heating and air condition equipment available for installation. Some of the brands we install are:


Ask us about financing!
Lipton Energy has teamed up with Berkshire Bank to offer Low Interest Rate Loans! You could be lowering your fuel usage by upgrading your existing heating system without exceeding your budget. Ask us how!