Fuel Delivery

Home Heating Oil Delivery

*Oil prices are subject to change daily
Please call 413-443-9191 today for a price.

Discount Terms*

All oil deliveries are billed at retail. If paid within ten days then $0.10 per gallon is earned (cash price). We discount by volume. If your tank exceeds the standard size of 275 gallons then you may be entitled to a larger discount. Please call our office for a quote on your next delivery.

Competitive Pricing

As you know there are many oil companies which can deliver you oil but what kind of company is it and what product do they use? There is a large range of answers. We are a Berkshire County full service company that uses only the finest Mobil product. Our prices are very competitive with other full service companies.

Budget Plans

You may ask yourself “how do I pay for each oil delivery within ten days so I can earn my discount?” Easy. We can estimate your gallons over the course of the heating season and come up with a payment that you can handle to pay monthly. Now instead of making frequent winter payments you can budget it consistently throughout the year. There are no requirements other than being on automatic delivery.

Automatic Delivery

The question isn’t “why should I”; it’s “why shouldn’t I?” Eliminate that runout at 2am on the coldest night of the year. Why should you have to worry about checking your inaccurate tank gauge? We use a degree day system to ensure you have an ample supply of oil when we deliver even in the coldest weather. We eliminate the worry for you while you enjoy the comfort and warmth of your home.

Fixed Price

Lock in the price before the heating season begins and safeguard yourself and your family against rising fuel prices. The oil market can be extremely volatile so why take the risk? There are two ways to take advantage of knowing your heating costs for the whole year before it even begins: Either by budget, which would be made each month for ten months in equal payments or by pre-payment which would pay for the entire heating season at the very best fixed price we offer.

Delivery System

Ever wonder how fuel oil gets delivered to your home and how the delivery person knows when to stop filling the tank?
Please check out this website for a short animation on the parts of a delivery system.
(Please make sure your speakers are on.)